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C'est qui ?
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Inscrit le: 29 Aoû 2008
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MessagePosté le: Ven 29 Aoû - 23:32 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

Alors il faut trouver qui postera le prochain message !

Lisa? Mr. Green

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MessagePosté le: Ven 29 Aoû - 23:32 (2008)    Sujet du message: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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Inscrit le: 29 Aoû 2008
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Localisation: Lorraine

MessagePosté le: Ven 29 Aoû - 23:58 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

Naaaa tete de Q xD its Me !!!

PI toi apres ?

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Inscrit le: 29 Aoû 2008
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MessagePosté le: Sam 30 Aoû - 00:16 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

Bah c'est pas très Durr xDD

Faut dire aux autre otistes de s'inscrire Razz

Spoon ?

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Inscrit le: 30 Aoû 2008
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MessagePosté le: Sam 30 Aoû - 12:27 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

Negatif Smile

Ju ?

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Inscrit le: 30 Aoû 2008
Messages: 5
Localisation: vendée

MessagePosté le: Sam 30 Aoû - 13:18 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant


snake? ^^

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Inscrit le: 29 Aoû 2008
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MessagePosté le: Sam 30 Aoû - 13:40 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

nah, Lisa ?

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Inscrit le: 30 Aoû 2008
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Localisation: vendée

MessagePosté le: Sam 30 Aoû - 17:18 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant



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Inscrit le: 30 Aoû 2008
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MessagePosté le: Dim 31 Aoû - 14:16 (2008)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

non TiT ?

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Inscrit le: 11 Avr 2009
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MessagePosté le: Sam 11 Avr - 03:17 (2009)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

There were many people living together in a one-block
complex. One of the wives complained to her husband,
"Look here! All of our neighbors' husbands call their wives
such sweet and romantic names.
(wow power leveling),
You never call me one like that."
So the husband said, "What do they call their wives?
I never heard anything!"
The wife said, "The one who lives on our right,
he calls his wife 'apple pie'. The one who lives next
to him calls his wife 'sweet cherry blossom'.
The one who lives to the left of us calls his wife 'rosemary'.
(It's a very fragrant kind of spice you put into your food.)
The one next to him, calls his wife 'my lovely pizza'.
The other one says, 'Oh my diamond, my glorious diamond'.
And you! You never call me anything so sweet
and romantic like that!"
(World of warcraft Power Leveling) ,
So the husband shook his head and said,
"I am sorry, but the one who lives on the right,
he is a baker. The one next to him is a gardener,
he plants Japanese cherries. The one who calls his
wow gold,
wife 'rosemary', grows herbs! And the other one calls his
wife 'diamond' because he is a jeweler. I cannot! I am
a shoe-repairer. I can't call you 'my broken shoe'. "
It was good that he wasn't a coffin-maker. Otherwise,
he called her, 'my solid coffin' to give her the
sweetest name that she desired
World of warcraft gold

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Inscrit le: 29 Avr 2009
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MessagePosté le: Mer 29 Avr - 09:48 (2009)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

Dieting. Personally, I suck at it, as do many people throughout the world. But it doesn’t mean we don’t try. Of course, some of us try to eat less and exercise more and some people jump on the bandwagon of any fad diets, always hoping to find a miracle that leads to quick weight loss with little effort. As a result, there’s been quite a few crazy diet ideas in the last few centuries, here are the top ten weirdest diet methods we’ve ever heard of.

The Chewing Diet

The chewing diet was popularized in the Edwardian Era by Horace Fletcher. He believed that chewing allowed food to be properly absorbed into the body. Insufficient chewing would lead to constipation and clog up the digestive tract, said Fletcher. He lost 40 pounds in just four months using the diet he created. Dr. Kellogg was a friend and fan of Fletcher and he required patients at his sanatorium to participate in the chewing diet as well as a variety of other weight loss methods.

To properly implement the chewing diet, a person must chew each bite over 32 times, which takes approximately 30 seconds. After chewing is done, the person then tilts his or her head back and allows the food to trickle down their throat. Anything that is still too big to swallow must be spit out. The desire to eat things likely diminishes after a period on this diet, so it does work as you begin to eat less food.

Possible Side Effects May Include: A sore jaw. Much longer meal times. Annoyed and disgusted friends.

The Tapeworm Diet

If you eat for two and aren’t pregnant, maybe it’s time to get a second mouth in your belly. A tapeworm can sure help eat all of that excess food. Around the turn of the century, these little parasites were sold in a simple pill form claiming to help you shed inches from your waist. It’s uncertain whether these pills actually had live tapeworms or if they were just another “snake oil” product, but what is certain is that people have intentionally used tapeworms as a weight loss method. Jockeys are amongst the many people purported to have used tapeworms as a diet.
wow power leveling
Possible Side Effects May Include: Well for one, having a worm inside your stomach, which might cause nausea, headaches, infections and diarrhea. Some people’s organs are blocked by the eggs and this can result in death. There is no evidence that tapeworms actually help people lose much of weight, so the whole experience may be for nothing.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet

You can’t eat while you sleep. So naturally, if you sedate yourself for days and neglect to eat as a result, this starvation diet may actually work for you. Elvis was a proponent of this weight loss method around the end of his life and the dieting method was also made popular in Valley of the Dolls.
World of warcraft Power Leveling
Possible Side Effects May Include: A severe pill hangover can leave you with a headache, nausea and fatigue. Additionally, improper sedation might actually kill you and so might starvation.

The Vision Diet
wow gold
If your food looks disgusting, you’re less likely to eat it. While this is certainly true, it’s not enough to make the vision-dieter glasses any less silly. From the testimonials I’ve read, the glasses make you feel relaxed while going on your day to day routine, but they don’t help you lose much weight. Johnny Depp is a big fan of blue glasses, although it’s hard to say if he just likes their look or if he actually feels the effects from the lens color.

Possible Side Effects May Include: Looking like a geek in big blue glasses. Possible vision problems after prolonged exposure to the glasses.

Washing Away The Pounds
World of warcraft gold World of warcraft Power Leveling[/url]
If you’re showering everyday, you might as well lose weight while doing it, right? That’s the theory behind Aoqili diet soaps. These soaps contain seaweed that will penetrate skin and breakdown fat. There seems to be no evidence that this product works though, not even faked testimonials.

Possible Side Effects May Include: Some people have had allergic reactions to the soap’s ingredients.

Ear Stapling

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Inscrit le: 14 Aoû 2009
Messages: 5

MessagePosté le: Ven 14 Aoû - 07:36 (2009)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

We stopped at one particularly imposing custom-home still under construction, wondering about the future occupants. Where

did this wealth come from?

Although we love our home in a fairly nice neighborhood in San Diego, my wife and I sometimes like to "looky-loo" at new

homes—it's a kind of weekend pastime and, who knows, we might find something really special which will tempt us into


A couple of years ago, in one particularly expensive neighborhood, we saw homes that were bigger than we could believe:

15,000 square feet and more. This was right next to a golf club where memberships ran $75,000 a year.

wow power leveling, We were informed that everyone joined, because everyone joined.

What if you didn't play golf? Well, you joined anyway, to socialize with the neighbors. That was simply part of the


We stopped at one particularly imposing custom-home still under construction, wondering about the future occupants. Where

did this wealth come from? How many children did these people have, 20? Or, perhaps their extended family—sisters and

cousins and aunts—would be living there too? Our brief tour disclosed wings and lobbies and sitting rooms for the usual

number of bedrooms (why do the children need lobbies?) plus game rooms and media centers and anterooms galore. The more

sensible 3,000 square feet-sized house at the end of the garden turned out to be the "butler's quarters."

Then we bumped into the owners. Gosh, they looked about 25! I just had to ask; it turned out they were 30-ish.

world of warcraft power leveling, They happily disclosed

that their current home, not far away, was only 5,000 square feet. Too small, they insisted. How many kids did they have?

Two. So, just what did they do for a living? One word explained it all: dot-com. We left, shaking our heads.

Some months later we thought we'd drive by to see whether that dot-com family had moved in yet. There was a big sign out

-front. Construction had stopped mid-way and the big, unfinished house was for sale.

I was curious, so I dug deeper. It turns out that the dot-com IPO was valued at about $50 million, and this guy who was

building the palace had sold about $3 million worth of stock during the offering, which valued his 20% stockholding at

$10 million. age of conan power

, When the stock crashed (to a fraction of the IPO price) and the company folded, his debts and commitments

already exceeded the amount he had cashed in plus his stock value, and he was broke. They had made a 10% down payment on

the $10 million home, and the bank was now the owner of the unfinished monstrosity. The dot-com "millionaire" was now

looking for funding on his next venture.

This type of escalation up the ladder of life is not limited just to the filthy-rich. I remember many years ago, a

colleague at work with a salary comparable to mine had a home that seemed much larger. Perhaps he was independently

wealthy. Then we both got a similar pay raise, and I heard to my amazement that he was moving to an even larger home. I

asked him how he did it and he replied, "The magic of monthly payments!" A few years later, during the aerospace layoffs,

I bumped into him again. He had lost his job, his wife had left him, they had sold the house during the divorce, and he

was selling office supplies to make a living—a casualty of lifestyle syndrome.

Our society boosts people into thinking that wealth accumulates and extrapolates endlessly. And borrowing is based on

that misconception. Don't pay cash, when you can borrow and the interest is tax-deductible. When buying a car, many

consider only the lease payments, not the price. If you can make the monthly payments, why not buy a boat?

In reality, most assets depreciate, while expenses and liabilities (including interest) mount mercilessly. Many

millionaires go bust quite quickly because they don't seem to understand these simple truths. They simply succumb to the

lure of the lifestyle.

I know one guy who lives in a relatively humble, rented home but has a luxury car and spends $25,000 a year to play at a

tennis club. When I suggested that he could play tennis inexpensively in any one of several local venues, he insisted,

"You have to live the lifestyle to meet the right people. Besides, they all see my car, but no one knows where I live!"

The golden pond The lure of the lifestyle

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Inscrit le: 31 Oct 2009
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MessagePosté le: Sam 31 Oct - 03:48 (2009)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

The Frog Prince

Many, many years ago, there lived a king. He had many beautiful daughters. And the youngest one was very lovely, and even the sun was surprised to see her when he shone on her face.
Near the king's castle lay a dark, gloomy forest. In the middle of the forest there was a fountain.
One day, the king' s daughter went into the forest when it was very hot. She sat down on the side of the cool fountain. Then she began to toss a golden ball in the air, and catch it. It was a most interesting game to her.
Once, however, the king' s daughter failed to catch the golden ball. It fell on the ground, and rolled into the power leveling,
The princess followed it with her eyes, but soon it disappeared. The water was very deep and she could not see the bottom.
Then she cried aloud, and began to weep. Soon she heard a voice. It said, "Why are you weeping, princess? Your tears can melt even the stones!"
She looked around and saw a frog. He was stretching his thick ugly head out of the water.
"Oh, there you are, old waterpaddler," she said. "I am crying for the loss of my golden ball. It has fallen into into the fountain." wow gold,

"Then weep no more," said the frog. "I can get it for you. But what will you give me if I fetch your plaything?"
"Oh, I will give you anything, dear frog," she replied. "What will you want----my dresses, my pearls and jewels, or my golden crown?"
"I don't want any of them," answered the frog. "Your clothes, your pearls and your jewels, or even your golden crown, are nothing to me. I want you to love me, and let me be your companion. I'd like to sit at your table, eat from your golden plate, and drink out of your cup, and sleep in your nice bed. If you promise me all this, I will dive down into the water and bring up your pretty golden ball.",wedding dress,
“Oh, yes," she replied. "I will promise you anything if only you bring back my ball."
But she thought to herself that a silly frog like him could not be fit to associate with mankind.

The frog believed the king' s daughter. He dipped his head under the water and dived to the bottom. After a while he carried the ball to the surface, and threw it onto the grass.
When the king' s daughter saw the beautiful ball, she was full of joy. She took it and ran away as fast as she could.
"Wait, wait," cried the frog. "Take me with you! I can't run as fast as you. " But the young princess would not listen to the frog's croaking. She ran to the palace as fast as she could, and soon forgot the poor frog. So the frog returned to the fountain and remained there.
The next day, however, when the princess was sitting with the king and eating out of her own little golden plate, she heard a strange noise on the marble steps outside. Then came a knock on the door, and a voice cried, "Lovely princess, open the door for me. " So she rose and went to the door.
wedding dress,
But when she caught sight of the frog, she closed the door and seated herself again at the table. She looked quite pale. When the king saw that his daughter was frightened, he asked, "My child, what is at the door? Has a giant come to carry you away?"
“Oh, no, Father," she replied, "it is no giant, only a very ugly frog."
“A frog! What can he want with you, my daughter?"
"Ah, my dear father, I will tell you all about it. Yesterday when I was playing with my golden ball by the fountain in the forest, it rolled into the water, and because I cried, the frog fetched it for me, and 1 promised him that he could come to the castle and be my companion. I thought he could not get out of the water to come to me, and now here he is."
Just then came a second knock on the door, and a voice cried, "King's daughter, king's daughter, open the door for me. You promised that I could be your companion when you sat in the shade and 1 fetched your ball from the bottom of the fountain."
wedding dress,
"Then, my daughter," said the king, "you must keep your promise. Go and let him in at once." So she had to go and open the door, and the frog hopped in after her.
When she sat down, he cried, "Take me up by you." She didn't want to take him up at first, but her father told her to lift the frog onto the chair by her side.
When he was placed on the chair, he jumped upon the table and said, "Now, push your little golden plate nearer, and we will eat together." The princess did as he told her, but everyone could see that she disliked it.
At last he said, "I have eaten and drunk quite enough, and 1 feel very tired, so now carry me upstairs into your little bedroom. Let' s sleep together."
wedding dress,
When the princess heard this, she began to weep. She was really afraid of the cold frog. She could not even touch him, and now he wanted to sleep in her neat, beautiful little bed.

The Frog Prince

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Inscrit le: 04 Juin 2010
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MessagePosté le: Ven 4 Juin - 10:36 (2010)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

The history of life on earth has been a history of interaction between living things and their surroundings. To a large extent, the physical form and the habits of the earth's vegetation and its animal life have been molded by the environment. Considering the whole span of earthly time, the opposite effect, in which life actually modifies its surroundings,has been relatively slight. Only in the present century has one species--man acquired significant power to alter the nature of his world.
replica sunglasses,
      During the past quarter century this power has not only become increasingly great but it has changed in character.replica sunglasses The most alarming of all man's assaults upon the environment is the contaminatien of air, earth, rivers, and sea with dangerous and even lethal materials. This pollution is for the most part irrecoverable. In this now universal contamination of the environment, chemicals are the sinister partners of radiation in changing the very nature of the world, the very nature of its
aoc gold,
      It took hundreds of millions of years to produce the life that now inhabits the earth.aoc gold  Given time not in years but in millennia life adjusts, and a balance has been reached. But in the modern world there is no time.
age of conan power leveling,
     It is not my contention that chemical insecticides must never be used.age of conan power leveling  I do contend that we have put poisonous and biologically potent chemicals indiscriminately into the hands of persons largely
aion gold,
or wholly ignorant of their potentials for harm.aion gold  We have subjected enormous numbers of people to contact with these poisons, without their consent and often without their knowledge. I contend,furthermore, that we have allowed these chemicals to be used with little or no advance investigation of their effect on soil, water, wildlife, and man himself. Future generations are unlikely to forgive our lack of concern for the integrity of the natural world that supports all life.
maple story mesos,
The most pressing problem created by the rapid increase in population is a shortage of food.maple story mesos  More mouths have to be fed every year and yet a high proportion of the existing population are not getting enough of the right kind of food. Over the past two years the total amount of food has decreased, and of course the total amount of food per person has decreased even more sharply.
dog clothes,
     More and more of the babies born in developing countries have been surviving infancy,dog clothes  and now nearly half the people living in those countries are under the age of 15. The adults have to work harder than ever to provide for the needs of the children,who cannot contribute to the economy until they are older. There is a shortage of schools and teachers, and there are not enough hospitals, doctors and nurses. Farming land is becoming scarce,so country people are moving to the towns and cities in the hope of finding a better standard of living. But the cities have not been able to provide housing, and the newcomers live in crowded slums.Finally, there are too few jobs, and unemployment leads to further poverty.

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Inscrit le: 03 Nov 2010
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MessagePosté le: Mer 3 Nov - 11:09 (2010)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

Choosing the perfect venue is probably one of the hardest decisions of the whole wedding palava.
wedding gowns
When it was my time to get married as neither of us had really been to church for the 15 years we didn’wedding gowns t want to be hypocritical and get married in a church, so we made appointments at all the local hotels to see the rooms where the service would take place.  Each and every one just felt like I was in a meeting room with work - there was nothing special about them at all.
wedding dresses
Where we took our vows meant alot so I wanted it to feel right…wedding dresses my childhood was spent going to sSunday school and Guides and I actually made it into the choir - so if I was going to  get married in a church the Vicar i grew up with would have to do it.
wedding dresses
We visited the church and on opening the main door I could hear the wedding bells ringing - perfect!wedding dresses
wedding gowns
An appointment later with the vicar - who actually remembered me after 15 years and the day was booked in one of the most beautiful old and quaint churches in gowns
So my advice on this one don’t just settle for any old room - its like the first time you put ‘the’ dress on - the venue has to feel right too.

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Inscrit le: 20 Nov 2010
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MessagePosté le: Sam 20 Nov - 04:43 (2010)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ? Répondre en citant

replica sunglasses
Sunglasses has become an important part of fashion especially in the last few years, and people seem to have fallen in love with them. The variety of colors and styles they come in can match every outfit and contribute to a stylish appearance replica sunglasses.
Designer SunGlasses
Suit the shades to fit the features Though multiplied men are lookout brand instance designer accessories, fact is that male tend to care more about garments accessories also fashion Designer SunGlasses. So, while the sequential guidelines refer primarily to ladies, most of the sustenance is equally opportune to gentlemen.
sunglasses replica
Where sunglasses are concerned, individualistic styles work best suppress each of the five basic face shapes. The goal is balance — slow sunglasses that are what your face is not sunglasses replica:
replica sunglasses
The square faced woman / the strong-jawed man Epitomized by First chick Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960s, she wore oversized sunglasses, popularizing a style still frequently often called the Jackie O. as women, the curvier styles, sparring match or cat’s eye, entrust compliment your angular heart. Men regularly want a more strong-jawed appearance rather than less, so enhance the effect by wearing sunglasses with tart angles replica sunglasses.

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MessagePosté le: Aujourd’hui à 15:26 (2018)    Sujet du message: C'est qui ?

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